Director of Institute of Commonwealth Studies comments on Queen's Commitment to the Commonwealth

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Professor Philip Murphy, Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, was quoted in an article in The Times about the Queen's decision to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta later this year, having missed the 2013 summit in Sri Lanka. In ‘Queen shows that family of nations is close to her heart’, Professor Murphy says he understands hopping on a plane to Malta is completely different to taking a long-haul flight to Sri Lanka but, "this is still grist to the mill of those of us who argued that the Queen was sending a distinct message when she failed to attend."

The article appears in:

Print (10 March 2015): ‘Queen shows that family of nations is close to her heart’ [PDF]

Online (behind a paywall): 'Queen shows why the Commonwealth matters so much'