Institute of Commonwealth Studies Fellow's publication commended as a 'beacon to others'

Thursday 2 July 2015

Institute of Commonwealth Studies Senior Research Fellow Dr John Cowley's co-edited 'Creole Music Of The French West Indies: A Discography 1900-1959' has been commended as a "labour of love" and "major work" which should "act as a beacon to others" by Soca News' Stephen Spark. Spark noted that Dr Cowley's meticulous research, culminating in the discography's publication in 2015, had begun during the 1980s. The focal point of 'Creole Music of the French West Indies' is Dr Cowley's essay ‘Mascarade, biguine and the bal nègre’, which explains the development of creole music, primarily Martinique biguine, and its spread to France and beyond. Spark concludes by hoping that Cowley's work will inspire further research on these cultural cross-currents.

'Creole Music of the French West Indies' is available for sale through Bear Family.