Institute's Senior Research Fellows' new publications now available

Monday 30 January 2017

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is delighted to share news of a number of recent publications written by our distinguished Senior Research Fellows.

Richard Bourne wrote his book ‘Nigeria: A New History of a Turbulent Century’ while a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute. This work offers a new look at Nigeria, tracing its history from its pre-colonial days to independence and up to the current day, with a particular look at the failure to distribute wealth earned from the country’s rich oil, mineral and agricultural resources.

Senior Research Fellow Martin Plaut’s ‘Understanding Eriteria: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State’ examines how a tiny nation, independent since 1993, has become an international pariah which subjects its citizens to severe long-term forced labour and compulsory military service which is, according to the United Nations, tantamount to enslavement. Young Eritreans regularly flee the country, with as many Eritreans as Syrians arriving in Europe in some months. Plaut’s book has been credited with shining a light on this secretive, enigmatic country and regime.

Keith Somerville’s book ‘Ivory: Power and Poaching in Africa’ examines why poaching and ivory smuggling have not abated in Africa despite the 1989 global ivory trade ban. Following the complex history of the tusk trade in Africa – from Egyptian pharaohs to the new wealthy business class of China to human-elephant conflict – Somerville, an ICWS Senior Research Fellow, explains why the corruption, crime and insurgency associated with the trade are a cause for concern. He also argues the case for regulation, rather than prohibition, of the ivory trade as the best way to stop uncontrolled poaching.

In addition, Keith Somerville’s book ‘Africa’s Long Road to Independence: The Many Histories of the Continent’ has been republished as a paperback with Penguin.