Professor Keith Somerville given Marjan-Marsh Award

Thursday 14 July 2016

Professor Keith Somerville, ICWS Senior Research Fellow, has been given the 2016 Marjan-Marsh Award from the Marjan Centre for War and the Non-Human Sphere at King's College London and the Marsh Christian Trust. 

This award is given annually to someone who has made an invaluable contribution to an area where conflict and conservation overlap. The Marsh Christian Trust was started in 1981 by businessman Brian Marsh to honour ‘unsung heroes’; since then the portfolio of awards has grown to over 70 across a wide spectrum that includes conservation, arts, heritage and social welfare.

Professor Somerville shared the award with Stéphane Crayne for his work in organising ranger patrols, negotiating with and where necessary deterring Séléka (the coalition of rebel groups in the Central African Republic), and helping protect Dzanga Bai ('village of elephants') in the Dzanga Sangha Reserve in the CAR.

Professor Somerville's new book, Ivory: Power and Poaching in Africa, will be available on Hurst Publishers in November 2016.