Ronnie Bethlehem papers now available in the ICWS archives

Tuesday 2 August 2016

The Ronnie Bethlehem papers are a recent addition to the Institute of Commonwealth Studies’ archives at Senate House Library which have now been fully catalogued.

Ronnie Bethlehem (1935-1997) was a prominent South African economist, whose publications included Sanctions and the Alternatives, which he co-wrote in 1988, and Economics in a Revolutionary Society, which appeared in the same year.  Ronnie Bethlehem was also a prolific columnist who was prominent in debates about the future direction of the South African economy.  He was involved in the discussions with the ANC in Lusaka, for instance, shortly before the ban on the ANC was lifted. 

Ronnie Bethlehem advised the future president Thabo Mbeki on economic policy.  His papers cover the period 1962-1997 and contain a huge amount on detail on subjects such as sanctions; responses to the state of emergency; monetary, fiscal, and taxation policy; exchange rates; housing policy, business and a democratic South Africa; the money markets in South Africa; restructuring of the South African economy; and the transition to post-apartheid South Africa.

Researchers are welcome to visit Senate House Library to use these papers although advanced notice of a research visit is necessary.  For more information see the Library’s website.