Associate Fellows

Dr Kevin Barker

Research keywords: jurisprudence of public law and private law; postcolonial legal historiography and literary theory; transnational corporate crime and global ethics; law in postcolonial societies



Dr Edward Cavanagh

Research keywords: history of imperialism; history of legal thought; southern Africa; settler colonialism



Dr Neil Fleming

Research keywords: modern British history; Irish history; metropolitan imperialism; media history



Dr Kiran Hassan

Research keywords: media in Pakistan; religious minorities in Pakistan



Dr Maria Kaladeen

Research keywords: Indian indenture to Guyana



Dr Ashok Kumar

Research keywords: global political economy, value chains, development, industrial relations, urbanization, social movements



Dr Indrani Lahiri

Research keywords: political communication; postcolonialism; media culture; globalisation



Dr Dwayne Menezes

Research keywords: Middle East, South Asia and North Africa; the Commonwealth; religious freedom and extremism; intergovernmental organisations



Dr Eva Namusoke

Research keywords: Uganda; imperial and postcolonial history



Dr Kavyta Raghunandan

Research keywords: race and ethnicity; gender studies; cultural studies; South Asia; digital sociology



Dr Rehnuma Sazzad

Research keywords: critical theory (especially postcolonialism); contemporary Arab and South Asia literatures; concepts of exile and diaspora



Dr David Taylor

Research keywords: Indian nationalism; Indian political thought; right-wing political movements in India; mass media and politics in India; ​Islam and politics in Pakistan.



Dr Ashwini Vasanthakumar

Research keywords: exile politics; diaspora institutions; citizenship; transnational migration governance



Dr Asanga Welikala

Research keywords: Constitutional transitions and incrementalism; dialogic constitutionalism in the Commonwealth; public law of the United Kingdom and Scotland; Sri Lankan constitutional law and reform; Conservative and Burkean constitutional thought



Dr Marco Wyss

Research keywords: postcolonial security; Britain and France in West Africa; decolonisation and the Cold War; colonial power transfer