Mandy Banton

Dr Mandy Banton

Research keywords: Colonial Office records; displaced archives; regulation of free labour.


Dr Balasubramanyam Chandramohan

Research keywords: Transnational Education in the Commonwealth; Commonwealth values; interdisciplinary learning and teaching in higher education.


Dr James Chiriyankandath

Research keywords: Nationalism; religion and politics; contemporary history; electoral politics; development; international relations

John Cowley

Dr John Cowley

Research keywords: Indigenous Caribbean musical traditions; Carnivals (and carnivalesque) in the West Indies, and their association with Africa, Europe and the


Dr William Crawley

Research keywords: Media policy and law in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Dr Shihan de Silva

Research keywords: Migration, commerce and cultural exchange in the Indian Ocean; the Malay and Portuguese diasporas; the history of African migration eastwards

Ms Oku Ekpenyon

Research keywords: Black British history; Africans in Britain; slavery and the slave trade

Dr Peter Fraser

Research keywords:Social and political history of the Caribbean; migration; intellectual history of the Caribbean

Professor Paul Havemann

Research keywords: Human Rights and climate change; law in the context of society, with particular focus on areas such as Indigenous peoples' rights, human righ

Mr Guy Hewitt

Research keywords: Social policy in Barbados; sustainable development


Dr Howard Jones

Research keywords: Financial services; livelihoods; migration; education.

David Killingray1

Professor David Killingray

Research keywords: History of imperialism; Christian missionary activity; the Black diaspora, decolonisation and post-colonial relationships; the United Kingdom

James Manor_n2

Professor James Manor

Research keywords: Politics, development and state-society relations in less developed countries; contemporary South Asia (especially India); decentralisation;

Michael Ohajuru1

Mr Michael Ohajuru

Research keywords: Black British history; history of black people in Early Modern Britain; the life of John Blanke


Professor Henning Melber

Civil Rights, Colonies & Colonization, emigration & immigration, Communities, Classes, Races, Globalization & Development, History, Human rights, International

David Page

Dr David Page

Senior Research Fellow
Research keywords: Media policy and law in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Martin Plaut, Senior Research Fellow

Mr Martin Plaut

Senior Research Fellow
Research keywords: Southern Africa, migration, defence
Recent publication: Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressiive

marika sherwood2

Ms Marika Sherwood

Research keywords: The history of peoples of African origins in the UK since the Roman period; Black political activism from the late 19th century; Pan-Africani

Dr Mark Simpson

Research keywords: Southern Africa; Economic Development challenges

Professor Chris Smith

Research keywords: Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan; security, development and human rights; governance; Sri Lankan domestic politics

Keith Somerville2

Professor Keith Somerville

Research keywords: Politics of conservation; human-wildlife conflict and coexistence; radio propaganda in apartheid South Africa.


Dr Melanie Torrent

Research keywords: British and French foreign policy in Africa; the contemporary Commonwealth and multilateral diplomacy; connected history of the ends of empir

Dr Nicholas Watts

Research keywords: The Commonwealth and museology; Commonwealth and imperial history; sustainable fisheries; Commonwealth blue economy

susan williams2

Dr Susan Williams

Research keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa; espionage and intelligence; the history of the United Nations; British, French and Lusophone colonialism and neocoloniali

Professor Marco Wyss

Research keywords: postcolonial security; Britain and France in West Africa; decolonisation and the Cold War; colonial power transfer