What’s Happening in Black British History (WHBBH_TN2) Workshop

What’s Happening in Black British History (WHBBH_TN2) Workshop
25 November 2020, 11.30am - 6.00pm


11.30 am      Education and Public Engagement

‘Researching the teaching and learning of British slavery in post-colonial contexts’, Yvonne Sinclair (Manchester Metropolitan University).

‘A case study of the Hutchison Family: Imperial Connexions - The Gold Coast and Britain’, Carina Ancell and Alan Kunna (Newham Sixth Form College).

‘Rethinking Museums – Processes of Decolonization in Museums in Germany and the UK’, Susanna Jorek (University of Leipzig).

‘Celebrating African Caribbeans in Sussex Past And Present’, Tony Kalume (Director: Diversity Lewes).

Chair: Philip Murphy (Director, ICWS) 

Q & A

1.30 pm         Lunch

2:10 pm         Gretchen Gerzina discusses her new book Britain’s Black Past (LUP,2020)

2.30 pm         Digital Humanities and Databases

“The Trans-imperial experiences of 18th century British Black mariners and the Black Mariner Database”, Charles R. Foy (Eastern Illinois University).

‘Black Convict Lives on Cockatoo Island: Decolonising the Digital Archive’, Katy Roscoe (University of Liverpool).

                        ‘The Visualizing Abolition Project’, Daniel Domingues (Rice University).


                        Chair: Miranda C Kaufmann (ICWS)

                        Q & A

4.00 pm           Art and Culture

‘Chilling In The Shambles: Three regular medieval guys chilling out and shaking up the imagination of historical possibility in a rural English town’, Melissa Hill (Sevenoaks Chilling project).

‘Benjamin West’s “Allegory of Britannia”’, Mark McCarthy (Institute of Historical Research).

Discomfort: Truth and Representation in British Galleries’, Alice Proctor (Uncomfortable Art Tours).

                        Chair: Michael Ohajuru (ICWS)

Q & A

5.30 pm          Concluding remarks

Convenors: Philip Murphy, Michael Ohajuru, Miranda Kaufmann and Joanna Brown.

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