The Associate Research Fellowship is intended to enable scholars to collaborate on issues in the humanities and social sciences relevant to the study of the Commonwealth; to provide a forum to influence national and international policy on issues relating to the fields of study of the Associate Research Fellows; and to advance the boundaries of research fields in the humanities and social sciences on issues relevant to the Commonwealth and its member states. It is particularly intended to foster networks and collaborations with scholars with existing affiliations and commitments. 

Benefits available to Associate Research Fellows

  • Access to an active and prestigious network of like-minded scholars, enabling Associate Research Fellows to stay up-to-date with new developments and research trends in their fields of study and facilitating academic collaboration.
  • Associate Research Fellows will be invited to attend and participate in the Institute’s regular lunchtime fellows’ meetings. They will also be encouraged to attend and organise seminars, workshops and conferences at the ICWS.
  • The Institute will facilitate library access in the event that the Associate Research Fellow is unable to obtain this via their existing affiliation. A charge may be made for this facility. Otherwise, a bench fee will not apply and Associate Research Fellowships will be awarded at no cost to the applicant.


How to Apply

The next round of applications will open on 1 September 2024.

If you are interested in joining the network, please complete the application form and return it along with a short CV to by 31 January 2025. It will then be considered by the ICWS Academic Planning Committee and you will be informed of their decision.

Please note: Associate Research Fellows will not gain an entitlement to office accommodation in the ICWS, but may access to the libraries and IT systems of the Institute.