In 2021, the University commissioned an Inquiry into the Future of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, led by Sir Malcolm Rifkind. The Inquiry provided the basis for the reimagination of the Institute to provide thought-leadership and research leading to policy solutions for contemporary Commonwealth issues.  

In addition to its established track record analysing historical trends and legacies, the Institute will now focus particularly on current and future challenges confronting Commonwealth states and societies.  

  • The ICWS will continue its research and public engagement on challenges to media freedom and human rights. It will also focus on climate change/justice. In 2022/23 the ICWS will host a major series of keynote lectures on a range of human rights issues, as well as seminars, lectures and workshops in Commonwealth Week in March 2023.  
  • The preparation of a series of Working Papers to provide evidence based and policy relevant solutions to contemporary global problems. 
  • There are plans for workshops and training for early and mid-career Commonwealth diplomats and professionals.