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Forms, Documents and Policy Information for Students

Documents, policies and forms on a range of issues affecting students can be found on the School of Advanced Study website. We strongly recommended that students make themselves familiar with the documents, policies and forms available. They cover:

  • Policy and regulations (including academic misconduct and regulations for degrees)
  • Appeals procedures (including complaints and academic appeals)
  • Thesis submission guidance (including the PhD entry form)
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Forms (including change of mode, interruption and progression forms)

Progression and Upgrade Requirements

All students are initially registered for an MPhil.

In order to progress from MPhil to PhD, students must:

  • Submit a substantial portion of the draft thesis of at least 10,000 words, usually a chapter, to an upgrade panel for consideration;
  • The submission will include a thesis outline and an introduction incorporating a critical survey of relevant literature and a list of research questions
  • Attend an interview with the upgrade panel

The upgrade panel is composed of one internal and one external member. It is expected that the upgrade examination will take place either at the end of the first year of study or the first term of the second year of study and that students will need to have prepared the required work in view of this expectation. 

The recommendation of the panel is reported to the Research Degrees Committee along with a written report.

If a student fails the upgrade process, they may be recommended for an MPhil or may be offered an opportunity to revise their existing work and respond to the concerns of the upgrade panel. 

To start the upgrade process please fill in the relevant form with your supervisor. Forms which do not have your supervisor's signature will not be considered. 

Continuation ('writing up') Requirements

Where students are in the final stage of writing or editing their thesis before submission, they may be permitted to continue their registration on the basis of a reduced 'continuation' fee.

In order to be able to transfer to continuation fee status, students must:

  • Have completed at least three (if full time) or six (if part time) years of continuous registration;
  • Have successfully transferred from MPhil to PhD status;
  • Submit 70% of the completed thesis for review to the Research Degrees Committee for assessment; 
  • Have submitted their application for continuation fee status to the Research Degrees Committee prior to the proposed start of their continuation fee status, in order to enable the Committee to review their application and assess their submitted work. 

The maximum period a student may remain registered on the continuation fee status is one year. If a student has faced significant, unexpected hardship during their writing up year, they may apply to the Research Degrees Committee for an extension of up to one year. Extensions are provided in exceptional circumstances only. Applications for extensions of the writing-up period are required in advance. 

To apply for Continuation status please fill in the relevant form. Applying for Continuation Status is the responsibility of individual students. Forms which do not have your supervisor's signature will not be considered.