Conference Attendance Fund

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies’ Conference Attendance Fund is intended to provide research students who are presenting their work at conferences with a contribution towards the cost of attending such a conference. An award may be used to cover or part-cover costs such as transport, accommodation, and conference registration fees.

In order to make an application to the Conference Attendance Fund, you must be a registered research (MPhil/PhD) student of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (including its Human Rights Consortium), and must be presenting a paper at the conference you are applying for funding to attend.

The maximum award made to any individual student will be as follows:

  • £150 for students attending a conference within the United Kingdom;
  • £250 for students attending a conference overseas.

There are two application rounds. Applications for the first round must be submitted by 21 November 2017 (by 11.59pm UK time) and will be considered shortly after. Applications for the second round must be submitted by 03 June 2018 (by 11.59 UK time). Please note that applications are not considered on a rolling basis. You will be notified of the outcome of your application.

Further particulars and application form