Please find below additional links to general media freedom news items organised by publication date.


Date Title Publication
31.12.22 68 Journalists killed in 2022: An enduring safety crisis in the media sector IFJ
31.12.22 Asia Pacific: Region second deadliest globally on IFJ Killed List IFJ
29.12.22 66 journalists killed worldwide in 2022 amid decline in press safety IFEX
17.11.22 Five big tech companies that have embarked on massive layoffs in 2022 Africa News
12.12.22 Balancing Africa’s digital economic boom with digital rights IFXD
12.12.22 CPJ deeply concerned by dissolution of Twitter Trust and Safety Council CPJ
09.12.22 China: Respect freedoms of expression, press and assembly IFEX
09.12.22 South Asia: IPI launches ad campaign calling for action to protect press freedom and the safety of journalists IFEX
09.12.22 67 journalists killed so far in 2022: IFJ demands immediate action IFJ
05.12.22 Journalists in Somalia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria faced increasing attacks in October IFEX
02.12.22 Protests in China: The blank sheets tell a tale  
Dec-22 Election Watch for the Digital Age Freedom House
Dec-22 Taming Big Tech: Protecting expression for all Article 19
22.11.22 Ten recommendations for Elon Musk for combatting the “digital nightmare” and for reinforcing journalism and information. RSF
More African governments using technology to advance political interests
02.11.22 South Asia: SAMSN members urge South Asian governments to support UN Convention on the safety of journalists IFJ
Nov-22 Protests in China: The blank sheets tell a tale Al Jazeera
Nov-22 Move fast and break things: Musk shakes up Twitter Al Jazeera
Beijing's Global Media Influence 2022
Freedom House
Nov-22 Explore the map for 2022 Freedom House
Nov-22 Number of journalists in arbitrary detention surges 20% to 488, including 60 women RSF
28.10.22 Decisions by Twitter’s new boss must not endanger journalism


26.10.22 YouTube’s battle with TikTok takes its toll as revenues dip The Guardian
26.10.22 Hong Kong: Media tycoon Jimmy Lai convicted of fraud IFJ
25.10.22 CPJ condemns guilty verdict in Jimmy Lai’s fraud case in Hong Kong CPJ
18.10.22 Where Are the Techno-Democracies? HRW
15.10.22 The Age of Xi: China’s leader looks to a third term Al Jazeera
12.10.22 Commonwealth Games makes mystery esports U-turn BBC
01.10.22 Tesla CEO Elon Musk showcases humanoid robot – video The Guardian
Oct-22 As free expression slides and authoritarianism grows, how do we reclaim democracy? Article 19
19.09.22 Repeated harassment of online journalists worrying IFEX
17.09.22 European Media Freedom Act welcome, but improvements needed IFEX

A giant leap for womankind, but widespread radio silence as broadcast sector comes under attack

Sep-22 As free expression slides and authoritarianism grows, how do we reclaim democracy? Article 19
31.08.22 Elon Musk’s Starlink Is Hitting the High Seas With Royal Caribbean Gozmodo
25.08.22 Google to run ads educating users about fake news BBC
23.08.22 Twitter whistleblower raises security concerns BBC

Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter founder Jack Dorsey ahead of court battle

16.08.22 Chinese internet giants hand algorithm data to government BBC

International: Attack on Rushdie is an assault on freedom of expression 

Article 19
11.08.22 Commonwealth Games takes big step towards esports BBC
Aug-22 As free expression slides and authoritarianism grows, how do we reclaim democracy?  Article 19
30.07.22 China: five years after Liu Xiaobo’s death, at least 15 press freedom defenders at risk of dying in prison RSF
25.07.22 Climate Reporting Africa website showcases local journalism tackling the world’s biggest issues WAN IFRA
18.07.22 RSF launches Digital Security Lab RSF
06.07.22 IPI joins Africa media stakeholders in strengthening the Digital Platform for the Safety of Journalists IPI Media
01.07.22 Joint statement on the European Media Freedom Act IPI Media
01.07.22 Meta wants to mimic TikTok: towards AI-driven disinformation RSF
June/July Overview and key findings of the 2022 Digital News Report Reuters Institute
28.06.22 EU: Ensure effective enforcement of Digital Markets Act Article 19
24.06.22 UN: States must protect media freedom in the digital age Article 19
17.06.22 TikTok’s rise as a news platform: Time to refocus your social media strategy? WAN-IFRA
09.06.22 Hybrid newsrooms – challenges, opportunities going forward WAN-IFRA
08.06.22 Speech-related offences should be excluded from the proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty IFEX
07.06.22 Elon Musk and Twitter: a timeline of the $44bn deal that threatens to crumble The Guardian
24.05.22 Platform liability trends around the world: From safe harbours to increased responsibility IFEX
17.05.22 Messaging services : Proposed EU regulation would open way to mass surveillance RSF
16.05.22 ACHPR Special Rapporteur says digital surveillance of journalists on the rise IFEX
08.05.22 How China is stepping up harassment of foreign correspondents IFEX
03.05.22 South Asia: IFJ launches 20th South Asia Press Freedom Report IFJ
03.05.22 WPFD 2022 Nepal | The culture of silence among journalists on the rise PIP
02.05.22 Strengthening press freedom at home and abroad: 10 recommendations for the world’s democracies IFEX
02.05.22 World Press Freedom Day: IFJ calls for global solutions to combat journalists surveillance IFJ
30.03.22 Testimony on Freedom of Expression in Asia Freedom House
08.03.22 The Safety of Women Journalists: A new advocacy tool from ARTICLE 19 and IFEX IFEX



Date Title Publication
14/10/21 China to ban private investment in the nation’s news industry CPJ
16/09/21 Safety of journalists: IFJ and EFJ welcome European Commission’s Recommendation and calls for monitoring of Member States IFJ
01/09/21 As staff flee, TOLO News vows to keep broadcasting from Afghanistan – for now CPJ
25/08/21 ‘Action should follow words’: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family wants Maltese journalists to work without fear CPJ
24/08/21 Afghanistan's media enters the unknown under Taliban rule France 24
23/08/21 Afghanistan: Media groups call on governments to take immediate action IFJ
05/08/21 NSO/Pegasus: 17 journalists from 7 countries join RSF’s complaint in Paris and before the UN RSF
23/07/21 RSF’s recommendations for those who could be spied on by Pegasus RSF
24/02/21 Unions unite in condemning Facebook bullying and call for bolder steps to tackle news deserts IFJ
27/1/21 FAJ mourns the death of its Steering Committee Member and Congolese Journalists’ Leader IFJ
27/1/21 Africa: IFJ and FAJ join African leaders to launch new journalists' safety initiative  IFJ
25/1/21 "It is a very defining moment for those of us who are closely following the vaccines and the pandemic" IFJ
08/01/21 CPJ calls for accountability for attacks on media during US Capitol assault CPJ
09/01/21 Twitter 'permanently suspends' Trump's account BBC
25/1/21 Emotion Recognition Technology: A Threat to Free Speech, Equality and Privacy Article 19
04/01/21 IFJ welcomes decision not to extradite Julian Assange IFJ




30/12/20 - 60 journalists were killed in 2020 - IFJ

23/12/20 - Fighting back the pandemic and saving journalism. The moment is now. - IFJ

Around the world freedom of expression has declined - Article19

26/11/20 - Why don't Facebook and Apple like each other? - BBC

13/11/20 - For Facebook, South and Southeast Asia is only a market - Al Jazeera

12/11/20 - How social media regulations are silencing dissent in Africa - AlJazeera

11/12/20 - Facebook, QAnon and the world's slackening grip on reality  - The Guardian

2/11/20 - South Asia: Fourteen murders in 2020, impunity rife - IFJ

27/10/20 - Social media: Is it really biased against US Republicans? - BBC 

29//9/20 - US 2020 election: Social media's nightmare scenario - BBC

28/9/20 - TikTok: US judge halts app store ban - BBC

28/9/20 - West Africa: more transparency, accountability and access to information needed amidst the coronavirus pandemic - Article 19

28/9/20 - Tackling gender inequality through access to information - Article 19

 23/9/20 - Advertisers strike social media deal over hate speech - BBC

23/9/20 - 10 Most Censored Countries - CPJ

2/9/20 - Facebook and Twitter 'dismantle Russian network' - BBC

19/8/20 Inside Expression: August 2020 – How do you protest against injustice during a pandemic? Article 19

15.8.20 - CPJ calls on SADC heads of state to prioritize press freedom and the safety of journalists - CPJ

4/8/20 - Surveillance a growing problem for journalists worldwide say panellists -

29/7/20 - 'Too much power': Congress grills top tech CEOs in combative antitrust hearing - The Guardian

13/7/20 - Stop Hate for Profit and making Facebook accountable for its impacts on human rights - Article 19

3/7/20 - Hong Kong: Spike in media arrests an ominous red flag - IFJ


29/6/20 - The Commonwealth’s twin problems with media freedom and a blueprint for action - CFOM

11/6/20 - Companies touting Black Lives Matter face workforce scrutiny - CTV News

1/6/20 - At least 125 press freedom violations reported over 3 days of U.S. protests - CPJ News

1/6/20 - Coral mapping technology to accelerate reef restoration and protection in the Commonwealth -

26/5/2020 - Arrests, Beatings and Dismissals of Journalists Underline Official and Corporate Arbitrariness: SAMDEN -Comonwealth Human Rights Initiative


28/4/2020 - Authoritarian governments crack down on press freedoms amid COVID-19 pandemic: Report - ABC News

23/4/2020 - The Global Task Force exists to defend the values and the interests of Public Media - Public Media Alliance

15/4/2020 - Joint statement on safety of journalists and access to information during the COVID-19 crisis -

2020 World Press Freedom Index: “Entering a decisive decade for journalism, exacerbated by coronavirus” - Reporters Without Borders

1/4/2020 - #DontGoViral: UNESCO and i4Policy launch a campaign to crowdsource local content to combat the Infodemic in Africa- UNESCO

24/3/2020 - Coronavirus and surveillance tech: how far will gov’ts go and will they stay when they get there?  - Hong Kong FP

18/3/2020 - How journalists can work from home securely - Freedom of the press FOUNDATION

13/3/20 - Internet shutdowns ‘not justified’ in Covid-19 outbreak  - The Star

5/3/20 - Our top 10 tips for media in the COVID-19 ‘info-demic - BBC

16/02/2020- Radio Gains in Diversity in Most of Africa - New Zimbabwe

13/02/2020- Use threat of sanctions to protect journalists, Clooney report urges - The Guardian

31/01/2020- Updates on the changing global media landscape - Nordicom

20/01/2020 - LSE100 AI: Truth, Trust and AI - Professor Charlie Beckett - LSE Youtube Channel


16/12/2019 - Insight | Facebook “state controlled” labels could ensnare public broadcasters - Public Media Alliance 

01/12/2019 - Mediawatch for 1 December 2019 - RNZ

29/10/2019 - Getting Away with Murder - CPJ

21/10/2019 - Insight | The struggle for media pluralism - public media alliance 

14/10/2019 - Free speech and the news media - ABC

01/10/2019 - Amal Clooney: give UN power to investigate journalist deaths - The Guardian 

26/09/2019 - ‘Reform and uphold media freedom by law’ officials tell leaders - The Commonwealth 

13/09/2019 - Podcast – The war online: Abuse and harassment, and what journalists are doing about it - WAN IFRA 

12/08/2019 - Why Public Media Matters: Report from the Global Conference for Media Freedom - public media alliance 

24/07/2019 - Facebook algorithm changes suppressed journalism and meddled with democracy - The Conversation

23/07/2019 - Joint UK-Canada Statement on the Global Conference for Media Freedom -

22/07/2019 - Tool for journalists: Digital Help Desk, for training reporters in digital security -

10/07/2019 - UK, Canada launch push to protect media freedom - Federal News Network

03/05/2019 - Five steps to fight fake news and false information on WhatsApp - Africa Check 

03/05/2019 - World Press Freedom Day: How many journalists died last year? - BBC News  

27/04/2019 - Is social media killing elections? - BBC

24/04/2019 - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to lead global attempt to shutdown social media terrorism - NZ Herald 

March 2019 - Commonwealth Digital Challenge 2019: Media Tech Accelerator - Thompson Foundation

21/02/2019 - The European Media Literacy Tookkit for Newsrooms - EFJ 

14/02/2019 - Acing the algorithmic beat, journalism's next frontier - Nieman Lab 

13/02/2019 - The Guardian view on media freedom: it must be defended - The Guardian 

12/02/2019 - Report: Urgent action needed to protect press freedom in Europe - EFJ 

01/02/2019 - 4 tips for journalists covering the 2019 Nigerian elections - International Journalists' Network