Please find below links to media freedom news items for Australia. These have been organised by publication date.


30/11/20 - Australia demands China apologise for posting 'repugnant' fake image - BBC

20/11/20 - Rupert Murdoch tries to weather News Corp's climate crisis at AGM - BBC

16/11/20 - Australia: Public broadcaster faces intimidation and manipulation - IFJ

8/10/20 - Australia’s Northern Territory denies news website NT Independent access to government events - CPJ

8/9/20 - China: Two Australian correspondents evacuated from China- IFJ

1/9/20 - Facebook threatens to block Australians from sharing news in battle over landmark media law - The Guardian

27/8/20 - Australia: Committee press freedom recommendations disappointing - IFJ

29/6/2020 - Australian journalist tells US inquiry she was beaten by police at BLM protest- The Guardian

28/6/2020 - ‘It dampens the conversation’: no more excuses for Australian media’s lack of diversity - The Guardian

4/6/2020 - Australian journalist's home raided over spying report- BBC

19/5/2020 - Australia: Government plans to circumvent protections on journalists’ data - IFJ

15/5/2020 - Amal Clooney urges Australia to pass Magnitsky law to help protect global human rights- The Guardian

26/04/2020 - Australia’s contact-tracing app pits privacy concerns against coronavirus containment - The National

20/04/2020 - Clooney calls on Australia to adopt new laws in the name of press freedom - SMH

15/4/2020 - Australian court says raid at heart of press freedom row unlawful - Aljazeera

05/04/2020  - Australian Government refuses to sign global pledge for press freedoms -

25/3/2020 - Australia: Closure of regional newspapers amid coronavirus pandemic - IFJ

24/3/2020 - Mildura's Sunraysia Daily and other regional papers close as coronavirus wipes out more than a century of tradition - ABC

04/03/2020 - PSM Weekly | 4 - 10 March 2020 - PSM

03/03/2020 - ABC will not appeal validation of police raids on public broadcaster - Public Media Alliance 

22/02/2020 - ABC to seek urgent injunction against AFP to halt use of documents - ABC

17/02/2020  - ABC raid: Australian public broadcaster loses legal challenge -  BBC

29/01/2020 - MEAA Hike in secret access to journalists' data - MEAA

29/01/2020 - Australian federal police obtained six warrants to hunt down journalists’ sources in 2018-19  -The Guardian

17/01/2020 - Media regulator scrutinises broadcasters over commercial influence - The Sydney Morning Herald

15/01/2020 - A new report on human rights has taken Australia to task over a range of issues, including media freedom and Indigenous rights - SBS News


29/11/2019 - Defamation laws overhaul to unclog courts and protect journalism, attorneys general say - The Guardian 

29/11/2019 - This government must be held to account on press freedom. It's not to be taken lightly - The Guardian

18/11/2019 - Laws restricting investigative journalism are 'worse than ever before' - The Sydney Morning Herald 

29/10/2019 - Australians respond to media campaign that calls out “creeping culture of secrecy” - Global Voices 

22/10/2019 - AUSTRALIA: Media Freedom Act – here’s how it could work - Pacific Media Centre 

20/10/2019 - Media unites to rally for press freedom, taking campaign to front pages and airwaves - ABC

03/10/2019 - New directive offers limited protections for journalists and whistleblowers in Australia - public media alliance 

30/09/2019 - Attorney-General orders prosecutors seek his approval before charging ABC, News Corp journalists - ABC

04/09/2019 - Push for charter of rights amid 'creeping erosion of media freedoms' - The Sydney Morning Herald 

01/09/2019 - Suppression and secrecy: how Australia's government put a boot on journalism's throat - The Guardian 

16/08/2019 - Press freedom in Australia needs much more than piecemeal protection - the interpreter

13/08/2019 - Media chiefs slam Australian press freedom curbs - AP News

07/08/2019 - News organisations 'under pressure to take sides': Former ABC editorial director - The Sydney Morning Herald

26/07/2019 - Crackdown on Facebook, Google looms as ACCC hands down its final report into digital platforms -ABC

22/07/2019 - Journalist Information Warrants - ABC MediaWatch

22/07/2019 -A French journalist charged with trespassing while covering an anti-Adani protest in north Queensland says he was arrested without explanation. - SBSNews

08/07/2019 - Federal police forced Qantas to hand over the private travel records of an ABC journalist - Sydney Morning Herald

08/07/2019 - Australia's anti-encryption laws being used to bypass journalist protections, expert says - The Guardian

05/07/2019 - Australian Parliament to probe press freedom after raids - Miami Herald

03/07/2019 - Joint media statement on meeting with the Attorney-General and Communications Minister -ABC

02/07/2019 - - The Guardian

26/06/2019 - Media bosses demand government protect journalists, whistleblowers - ABC

24/06/2019- Statement by David Anderson, ABC Managing Director, on Federal Court proceedings - ABC

14/06/2019 - Australian media owners and journalists unite to call for laws to protect a free press - AdNews

11/06/2019 - Legal options after ABC raided by Australian federal police - RNZ

10/06/2019 - A Media Watch feature report on police raids targeting News Corp and ABC journalists. - ABC

06/06/2019 - Unprecedented police raid on ABC - Public Media Alliance

06/06/2019 - What do the AFP raids on the media mean for journalists and their sources? - ABC

04/06/2016 - Australian journalist's home raided over spying report - BBC

10/05/2019 - Australian journalists need more protection against assaults: report - The Sydney Morning Herald 

03/06/2016 - Aunty denies bowing to Adani - ABC

26/05/2019 - 'Designed to deceive': how do we ensure truth in political advertising? - The Guardian

04/2019 - There are forces at work out to destroy public broadcasting - The Advertiser

30/04/2019 - A matter of (mis)trust: why this election is posing problems for the media - The Conversation 

23/04/2019 - Ethnic media are essential for new migrants and should be better funded - The Conversation 

19/04/2019 - 'Uncharted territory': WeChat's new role in Australian public life raises difficult questions - ABC

15/04/2019 - George Pell case: Australian media defend 'contempt' allegations - BBC

11/04/2019 - ABC Brisbane staff threatened in video, told to hide work IDs - Brisbane Times 

09/04/2019 - NZ shooter videos media probe continues - Nine News 

04/04/2019 - Australia passes social media law penalising platforms for violent content - ABC

03/04/2019 - Forty years in public broadcasting — what has and hasn't changed - ABC New

01/04/2019 - Political interference experienced at ABC, Senate committee says in calling for overhaul - ABC

19/03/2019 - Muslim Sky News Australia staffer quits and says channel instils fear - Guardian

25/03/2019 -New Zealand shootings prompt new laws making it illegal to leave violent video on social media platforms - ABC

26/02/2019 - Up to 100 journalists accused of breaking Pell suppression order face possible jail terms - The Guardian 

18/02/2019 - TV industry calls for Facebook news feed transparency and journalism tax breaks - The Guardian

11/02/2019 - 'It is understood': How oblique sourcing is hurting Australian media - The Sydney Morning Herald

10/02/2019 - Regulation needed to save Australian journalism from Facebook and Google, watchdog says - The Guardian 

20/01/2019 - Instagram spreads political misinformation and Australian elections are vulnerable - ABC

16/01/2019 - Facebook yet to decide which political advertising rules it will roll out in Australia for the federal election - ABC


06/12/2018 -Australia set to spy on WhatsApp messages with encryption law - The Business Times

03/12/2018 - Challenges for the  ABC - Public Media Alliance

04/12/2018 - Proposed Encryption Bill threat to journalism in Australia - International Federation of Journalists

22/10/2018 - What is defamation and where do we draw the line in Australia? - SBS News

13/11/2018 - Independence concerns grow for Australia’s public broadcaster - International Federationof Journalists

30/08/2018 - Starter’s gun goes off on new phase of media concentration as Nine-Fairfax lead the way - The Conversation

26/07/2018 -  Nine and Fairfax merger harms media plurality - International Federation of Journalists

25/07/2018 - 'Unprecedented hostility': Murdoch, the government, and an ABC under attack - The Guardian

23/07/2018 - Oz voice in the Asia–Pacific (part 3): foreign policy and media revolutions - The Strategist

13/07/2018 - Why the ABC, and the public that trusts it, must stand firm against threats to its editorial independence - The Conversation         

21/06/2018 - China takes up Australia's former radio space in Pacific - Radio New Zealand

13/06/2018 - Australia's government must guard against foreign interference, but not by curbing our rights - Human Rights Watch

13/06/2018 - Australia's government must guard against foreign interference, but not by curbing our rights - Human Rights Watch

31/05/2018 - Why do we need public broadcasting? - ABC

09/05/2018 - New laws put Australia's press freedom at risk - Lawyers Weekly

05/02/2018 - Stories like The Cabinet Files could land Australian journalists in jail if espionage laws are changed - ABC News

25/01/2018 - Australia must amend security bill to protect journalists and sources - Reporters Without Borders

23/01/2018 - Journalists 'at risk of jail time' under new foreign interference laws - ABC News