The School of Advanced Study offers a range of and bursaries. For students at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, these include:

Aziz Foundation Scholarship Programme 

Enabled by the generous support of the Aziz Foundation, the University of London is pleased to announce up to four Master’s scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year at the School of Advanced Study (SAS). These scholarships will be awarded to exceptional students who are active in British Muslim communities and keen to build bridges with all parts of British society.

Scholarships for the 2024/25 academic year will cover tuition fees only for one year for full-time students or for two years for part-time students, regardless of the length of the programme.  Applications are open to students who are continuing on eligible programmes as well as new students registering for the first time in 2024/25.

For further details including the deadline and application form for this scholarhip, please visit the SAS website.

Yusuf Ali Scholarship 

The Yusuf Ali Fund was established in 1956, following the death of Mr Yusuf Ali. Its purpose then was to assist University of London students from India and Pakistan and was used in a discretionary manner for many years.

Today, we are honoured to offer the Yusuf Ali Scholarship for students of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent to enable them to study on one of the campus-based postgraduate programmes offered by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Currently, these are for research degrees only.

For further details including the deadline and application form for this scholarhip, please visit the SAS website.

Postgraduate Loans

Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme

The UK Government has introduced a Postgraduate Master’s Loan(Opens in new window). These non-means-tested loans are available to both taught and research master’s students. Find out more(Opens in new window) information about the loan scheme.

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) 

The SAAS(Opens in new window) are an agency of the Scottish Government giving financial support to eligible students doing a course of higher education in the UK. Find out more(Opens in new window) information about their loan scheme. If you are applying for funding from the SAAS you will need to contact us beforehand so that we can get this set up for you.   

Federal Direct Loans for US Students 

The School of Advanced Study participates in the Federal Direct Loan programme. Unsubsidized Loans and Plus Loans are available through the Direct Loan programme operated by the US Education Department. Direct Loans are educational loans to assist US citizens with the costs of studying. 

Funding for Spanish Master's Students 

The Spanish government offers interest-free loans to Spanish students studying Master's degrees in Spain, the European Higher Education Area, the US or Canada. The maximum study period is 21 months. Find out more(Opens in new window) about funding for Spanish Master’s Students.  

Studentships & Grants

SAS Masters Studentships

The SAS Masters Studentships cover tuition fees and maintenance and are judged on academic merit. For complete information on the nature of the award, eligibility, and deadlines, visit the SAS website.

SAS Coffin Studentships (Coffin Fund for Promising Students)

The School provides studentships through the Coffin Fund for Promising Students. 

For complete information on the nature of the award, eligibility, and deadlines, please visit the SAS website.

Arts and Humanities Research Council Studentships

The School of Advanced Study is part of the AHRC-funded London Arts and Humanities Research Partnership, which includes King's College London and UCL, and which has available a number of studentships for research (MPhil/PhD/doctoral) degrees. Find out more.

University of London Hardship Grant

The University of London recognises that some students are experiencing financial hardship at unprecedented levels. A fund has been established to assist in providing discretionary financial assistance for all students regardless of programme, mode, or fee status to meet extra costs that cannot be met from other sources of support. Further details on the Hardship Grant and the application form can be found here.

Other Funding Sources

There are other funding options for MA students on the SAS website

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